Two Poems by Chris Chinwe Ulasi, Published by AfricanWriter

Two Poems by Chris Chinwe Ulasi:
Masquerades at a Harvest Dance” and “Verdict of “Agwu” the Madman

About The Poems:
“Masquerades –exuding youthful ambiance, occupy a central place across the cultural landscape of Nigeria, particularly the southeastern region where the New Yam festival has become a cultural phenomenon. They hold certain mythical aura among the people sometimes bordering on the supernatural. Growing up as a teenager, the prospect of being behind the mask was so intoxicating that I could barely restrain myself at various festival arenas. I began writing about this fascination to imagine types of relationship implied by this intersection of ephemeral power and citizen spectatorship. ‘Madman…” grew from personal observations of that other feature of townships in Nigeria: the presence of madmen and madwomen who wander about with exclamatory normalcy as if normal was a religion for them as elaborate funerals were commonplace. And, as for their occasional bold public ranting on matters community and arcane, we realize that one’s self, and one’s community, often, is one and the same.”
Chris Chinwe Ulasi

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