Edwin Mellen Press Publishes Work by Dr. Humphrey Regis

In 2004, The Journal of African Communications, Inc. published as its first and only “special monograph edition” a manuscript which had the title Mass Communication and Cultural Domination: the Re-exportation/Re-importation Perspective and in which Dr. Humphrey A. Regis of the School of Communication challenged and complemented current or prominent perspectives on the relationship between mass communication and cultural domination.

More than 10 years later, the manuscript has been published by The Edwin Mellen Press with the new and provocative title How American Reggae Redefined Jamaican and Caribbean Reggae: A Theoretical Study of the Relationship Between Mass Communication and Cultural Domination.

In both editions of the work, Dr. Regis argues that the “reggae revolution” in Jamaica and the Caribbean in the 1970s represented both the continuation of the colonial domination and another manifestation of the neo-colonial domination of the island and the region by Europe and North America.

The work describes the mass media as the correlate, transmitter, and “persuader” in this domination, and presents scores of research questions and hypotheses and projects for the testing of this perspective.

In addition, the work connects the perspective with the elaboration of the relationships between the European and African culture complexes in the seminal book The Cultural Unity of Black Africa by the late Senegalese multigenius Cheikh Anta Diop.