Communications Professor Helps Organize First TSU Study-Abroad Visit to Saint Lucia

For the first time in the history of Texas Southern University, students and faculty from the University studied “abroad” in Saint Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean this past July with the help of Dr. Humphrey A. Regis, Professor in the School of Communication.

Students T’Ara Arthur and Equavius Simpson joined Dr. Regis and Dr. Andrea J. Shelton (College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) in the study of education, services and other aspects of health in the island.

They studied such providers of education on health as the School of Medicine at Spartan Health Sciences University and the Department of Health Sciences at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. They studied such providers of service in health as the semi-private Saint Jude Hospital, and the government-operated Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Center, National Mental Wellness Center, and Victoria Hospital.

The studies were parts of the course HSHA 435, Introduction to Global Health, for which Dr. Shelton is the instructor. In the preparations for the visit, she received help from Dr. Regis, who is from Saint Lucia.

While they studied issues related to health to meet the requirements of the course, the students and the faculty members also enjoyed the geographical endowments, and the social and cultural attractions, of the island.

They visited the “drive-in volcano” locals call the Sulphur Springs, raised their heads in awe at the iconic peaks locals call Petit Piton and Gros Piton, and scaled the 700-foot hill on the Moule a Chique peninsula for picturesque panoramas of other parts of the island and a view through the haze of the island of Saint Vincent just over 20 miles away.

From hillsides and hilltops, they took breathtaking photos that they later “stitched” into expansive visual sweeps of the old capital of the island, the town of Soufriere; the new capital, the city of Castries; the home of Dr. Regis, the village of Dennery; and the “nice” and “quiet” Anse Noir beach that is endowed with what seems to be a shallow “natural pool” that is separated by a reef from the deeper and more turbulent Caribbean Sea.

They treated themselves to such local dishes as the roti and the ”bake.” They obtained produce from farmers at the Saint Lucia Marketing Board station in Saltibus. They also obtained fruit from farmers at the “market” that was the sidewalk along Commercial Street in Vieux Fort. At the Sulphur Springs, they enjoyed the “Black Water Pool” that has water that some people say has “medicinal” properties. And then in Castries, they feasted their eyes on, and participated in the “jump-up” in, the carnival celebrations.

In the summer of 2017, the professors expect to lead a second group of students to the island, with a focus on the provision of health services in the rural communities. The students, faculty and staff in the TSU community who have an interest in this gratifying combination of “research” and “enjoyment” may contact Dr. Andrea Shelton at 713-313-1121 or; Dr. Humphrey Regis at 713-313-7435 or