Lecturer with two students having a look at their recorded news reading presentation while another student is waiting to participate in news reading training season

The School of Communication (SOC) offers courses in five (5) academic disciplines: Communication (CM), Entertainment and the Recording Industry Management (ERM), Journalism (JOUR), Radio, Television, and Film (RTF), and Speech Communication (SC).

MA – Communication

  • ID: 1060

The Master of Arts program offers a broad array of courses that examine, analyze and pursue theoretically based research in the field of human communication, ranging from individual to mass models. It also provides the opportunity for the study and analysis of traditional and current communication…

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BA – Speech Communication

  • ID: 1059

In pursuing the BA in Speech Communication, students may select from two different curriculum concentrations: (Intercultural-Interpersonal Communication or Organizational Communication). Students who are first-time degree seekers in either of the Speech Communication concentrations are required to…

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BA – Radio, Television and Film

  • ID: 1058

The Radio, Television and Film program at Texas Southern University engages students in the production and critical studies of radio, television, film and new media. We offer our students a balanced curriculum that provides integrated study and training in the art and business of the electronic media…

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BA – Journalism

  • ID: 1057

Studying journalism at Texas Southern University is a hands-on task. Our students in print, broadcast and public relations learn by doing from a team of dedicated teachers who combine professional experience with academic rigor. As the digital revolution continues, students must…

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BA – Entertainment and Recording Industry Management

  • ID: 150

The Entertainment and the Recording Industry Management (ERM) program offers students a Bachelor Degree in one of most exciting, dynamic and increasing evolving careers, the management of entertainment and recording companies. Participants will learn applicable expertise and techniques required to…

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