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TSUTV / Comcast on-Demand

KTSU-FM is a major component of Texas Southern University, which provides the Houston community with programming that features the richness and the cultural heritage through the presentation of Jazz and other musical genres.

KTSU-FM also provides its listeners with balanced of local, regional, national and international coverage of news events that educates and entertains. Producing local content also meet the needs of public service for a well-informed community.

According to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), KTSU-FM has the largest African-American audience of any public radio station in the United States.

Additionally, the station offers programming from Public Radio International (PRI) and National Public Radio (NPR) and serves as a training ground for students enrolled in Texas Southern University School of Communication.

On June 23, 1972 the Federal Communication Commission approved an application for Texas Southern University to establish and construct an educational radio station in the Houston market.

KTSU-FM became fully operational in January 1973 and began broadcasting at 10 watts. By 1980 KTSU-FM’s power had increased to 18,500 watts.