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Summer 2016 Courses

SUMMER I (June 6th - July 7th)

Course NumberCourse Title
CM 430-01Experiential Learning (Internship)
ERM 450-01Entertainment Management
JOUR 430-01Independent Study: Analysis of Fox’s Empire
JOUR 505-01Art of Narrative
JOUR 550-01Journalism Seminar
RTF 268-01Introduction to Digital Video Editing
RTF 331-01Media Analysis and Criticism
RTF 430-01Independent Study
RTF 550-01Problems in Telecom
SC 135-01Business Professional Communication
SC 136-01Public Address
SC 550-01Seminar Issues in Speech Communication

SUMMER II (July 11th - August 10th)

Course NumberCourse Title
JOUR 235-O1Online Journalism
RTF 130-01Introduction to Media Studies
RTF 499-01Master Project in Media (Practicum)
SC 135-01Business and Professional Communication
SC 136-01Public Address